Sokany Hair Clipper-Non Slip Grip With Adjustable/Sharp Blades

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The Sokany Pro hair clipper is designed to give you a quality cut or shave.The strong steel blades, a durable, linear copper motor coil, extra long cord and various click-on combs are designed to give you a sharp cut, time after time.


The Sokany hair clipper is designed with a linear motor for constant, durable cutting power, time after time. Philips steel blades are designed to withstand chip and cracks, lasting up to 4 times longer.

Adjustable Blades

With a convenient thumb lever adjustment the blades can be set to achieve a bold cut as well as stubble trim without using a comb. Additional combs will give you additional freedom to play with multiple hair styles

Less cuts, less bumps

The tips of the Sokany  blades are designed to reduce the risk of cuts while clipping your hair or beard. The Philips clipper is designed to ensure less bumps while creating your own unique style. Making you feel proud and confident.

Ergonomic design

The 2.8m long cord gives you a great reach to easily move around while clipping. A smart textured handle for a comfortable grip.

KSh2,000 KSh3,000


  • Sokany Hair Clipper
  • Copper motor coil
  • Durable, steel blades
  • 2.8m cord
  • 6 click-on combs

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